The Ultimate T-65 Prospecting Tool

T65 Locator is designed specifically for insurance agents specializing in Medicare and final expense insurance. If you’re looking to connect with leads who are turning 65, this app is your go-to resource. By using real-time updated data, the app identifies individuals near you who are approaching this milestone. Get access to a massive database of over 4 million prospects today.


Live Actionable Data

Dynamic geolocating mobile database pulls realtime data for you. Your location is monitored by GPS.


Refresh On the Go

Locate prospects when and where you want. App refreshes when you're ready to see new live data. As you move, your data can too.


Expert Features

With features like tap-to-call, tap-to-route mapping, save-and-mark favorites, you can work prospects faster than ever before.


Connect with T65 Prospects Wherever You Are

With a massive database of prospects turning 65 within the next 12 months, advanced features like note-taking and direct calls, fresh monthly updates, and cost-effective pricing (as low as $0.04 per lead), T65 Locator will be your favorite prospecting tool for identifying and getting in touch with T65 prospects near you.

Smart Lead Management


Print Leads

Easily print up to 500 leads directly from the website.


Easy Contact

Call your prospects directly from the app and use the built-in map for seamless navigation to their location.


Smart Sorting

Organize prospects by birthdate or distance, allowing for targeted outreach.


Radius Filtering

Narrow down prospects within a 1 to 50-mile radius for hyper-local targeting.


Start your 2-week free trial today and experience the power of T65 Locator. Don’t miss out on the best leads on the market—sign up now!

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